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If you can guess

I dont check this very often


So yesterday was my worthless 22nd birthday, we came home from anime expo and i was dropped off at home by my friend and his mother.
And i was hoping for something to happen for my birthday and guess what, nothing happened.

Then i went to check most of my "hangouts" and found out that people ignored me for do damn reason. No one wished me happy birthday till i told them it was my b-day. Then they ignored me when i tried to strike up a conversation. of course I'm treated like I dont exist. I guess because Im not worth anything.

Never in my life then in this moment have i wanted to kill myself

oh well guess people don't care =/

My frist Fan Fic

My dirty little secret.

A TotA Yaoi Fan Fiction.
Pairing: Asch X Luke
Rating NC-17 (or So I hope)
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. All copywriter to there owners. If I did own this characters, believe me, things would have ended different.
Mild Spoilers and Such if you Don’t know who Asch is or know the relationship between Asch and Luke.
Author notes: This fic came along after listening to the song “My Dirty little Secret” by The All American Rejects, way too many times in a row. I also apologize for any misused words or phases. This is my first fan fiction all together. Also For those who don’t know what a “dreck” is n. Slang: Trash, especially inferior merchandise.

Luke couldn’t believe what was in front of his eyes. It just blew his mind. Asch…here…just about naked. Luke looked at his original in nothing but a towel. The towel itself from the hotel. Just a few minutes ago Asch demanded that his replica meet him in his hotel room. Surely Asch was complete covered when Luke last saw him. Later he was going to ask how he could change so fast with that prune looking uniform The entire uniform looked like it was not meant to come off very fast. And another question Luke wanted to ask was why Asch’s tabard had a heart shaped pattern on it.

“Umm…Must remember that for later.” the thought ran across his mind. Asch looked up at his replica from the bed he was on. He knew what was going on in the others mind. Confusion maybe a bit of worry. Asch got up from the bed and grabbed his replica’s hand and pressed his lips against his before Luke had time to react.

“As…c…h.” he tried to say between gasps for air, but Asch wouldn’t allow for talking. He was too busy trying to bring out Luke hidden passion.

Luke surrendered to Asch not long after that. He pushed his replica back against a chair, leaning his knee between Luke outspread legs. Luke was still dressed.

“Need to get rid of those in a moment” Asch reminded himself. Luke was now getting into the passionate kisses. Asch stopped with the kissing.

Luke looked up at Asch and let out a whimper, he was getting into it. He wanted Asch even more now.
Asch started to undress Luke with hurried passion, he wanted his replica out of his clothes before he tore them off. Luke noticed this and tried to help, but Asch just hit his hands away and finally got the coat unbuttoned and thrown off to the side where, unnoticed by Luke, Asch’s clothes laid as well. Asch pulled Luke’s shirt over his head and started to run his tongue against Lukes nipple buds. The wetness of Aschs tongue against him made him shiver lightly. Asch nipped at it a few times before moving on to the other one, teasing it as he did the other. Luke started to moan lightly as Aschs free hands started to roam his body.

“Of course He would know my weakness…” he said as Asch started to playfully caress Lukes stomach. His fingertips brushing lightly against his skin. This made Luke hunger for more of Aschs mouth. Asch seemed to know this and started to kiss him again. His hands now snaking under Lukes belt, wanting entrance into Lukes pants.

Luke wiggled out of his pants as fast as he could as Asch finally got rid of the towel, his own erection wanting attention.

“Asch…” Luke whined quietly.
“Hold on Dreck…” Asch said as he pulled something from his uniform pocket. He held it in his hand as he pulled Luke from the chair he was slumped back in, onto the bed that seemed to be waiting for him. Asch pushed the replica against the sheet and started to assault his mouth again. Lukes breathing started to get heavier. Asch started to pour the oil on his hands and touched Lukes throbbing penis. The cool liquid hitting the most heated part of him made his shiver. Asch seemed to noticed this and started rubbing his hands against his hard member. Luke started to moan lightly, wanted Asch to do more then that.
“Asch…I” He was hushed as Asch kissed him again. Luke moaned into Asch’s mouth. Their tongues seeming to play tug o war in side their mouths.

As Asch kept Lukes mind on the kiss, he slowly entered one oiled into Lukes puckered hole. The replica moaned loudly as Asch wiggled it around a bit inside of him. Asch leaned in closer to Luke, Luke clung onto Asch as he stuck another finger into Luke. Since Asch was closer this time, he buried his face into Asch’s hair. Then just as Luke got comfortable with Asch’s two fingers, he stuck one more in. Luke moaned even louder this time, making Asch cover his mouth.

“We don’t want your friends or others hearing you.” Asch said covering Lukes mouth with his own again.
He wiggles and rubbed his fingers inside Luke, making the other moan and cry in silent pleasure.

When Asch though Luke was ready enough he withdrew his fingers and repositioned himself near Lukes hole. He held one leg over his shoulder and the other around his waist.

“This might hurt a bit at the beginning, But relax and it wont hurt as much.” Asch said carefully sliding into Luke tight ass.
“Ahh~” Luke moaned loudly, He and Asch have done this before, he though it childish for him to remind him each time they did it.

Asch started to thrust harder into Luke, his breathing started to unionize with Luke.
He started to pump faster and faster, Lukes moans starting to get louder, to quiet him down a bit, Asch covered his cover with his own.

Asch soon felt Luke started to tighten, in response he started to pump Lukes penis , trying to get them to both climax at the same time. Lukes back started to arch slowly, He was getting so close. Asch thrusted faster and harder, hitting the magic spot men seem to have. Luke tightened and arched his back, shooting his seed over himself. Asch stopped thrusting, spilling his own seed into Luke. He rested for a moment before withdrawing and falling lifelessly against the sheets next to Luke. Luke had his eyes closed and was started to breath normally again. He felt Asch staring at him and turned towards him and opened his eye, seeing a very rare smile from him.

Luke nuzzled softly against his lovers neck as Asch leaned towards his ear
“You’ll Always be my Dirty little secret…”

so depressed

why the heck do i feel so damned depressed so much these past two weeks, my engery has felt like its been drained as soon as i get up from bed,
i feel like i should just give up on life
its not fair ><

my sisters are assholes and my nephew is a PAIN IN THE ASS!
im sick of this.
i feel so frustrated all the time now. it hurts to go to work it hurts to eat it hurts to do anything
and the wrost thing is that valentines day is comming and a ton of stuff is aready been sent to my sisters.

Im the only one allow in this house again this year.

why cant i ever find someone and keep them
i have only had 2 boyfriends
1 dumped me twice cuz of a friend whom i thought was a friend but only turned out to be a BITCH!
the other one moved to Oregon ><

and everyone thinks im fucking my friend Adam HELL NO! I would be sexually interested in that guy if he was the last man on earth! Hes just a Video game and anime/manga buddy and he has food at his house all the time...

i ranted and yet no one will read this >


Shagami Here, Still trying to Fingure all this out, Please give me a few days and Ill have this all sorted out


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